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Spring training

IIt's March! Yes, snow is still in the forecast, but we're warm in the greenhouses, cultivating our seedlings, getting them in shape for opening day on April 9. 

We always enjoy some down time in January before getting into plant prep mode later in February. This year, we did something truly special during our winter off season. We took a trip to Africa where we visited several missions in Kenya where orphans are cared for. We brought bead necklaces for them to make and came with 700 Beanie Babies to give out, thanks to the generous donations of our friends and community. They were so surprised and happy and showed their gratitude by performing songs and dances for us, with many hugs, of course. This was truly special for David and me, along with the breathtaking safari. 

But we were also truly happy to return home and get back into the swing of life on the farm!

Each year, we add new plants and varieties to our repertoire. We've highlighted a few in this month's newsletter and will continue to highlight others in upcoming issues.

We’re looking forward to opening our doors to the public for another wonderful season of sharing what we love to do.

David & Barbara Frerichs


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David started seeding in February, getting our greenhouses ready for opening day in April. He will have quite a few new vegetable and flower plants this year. We'll feature a few of them each month while you're planning your gardens for this year.






We took advantage of our off-season down time to take the trip of a lifetime. This was our chance to not only meet one of the children we sponsor through Compassion International, but to stop at many missions in Kenya that help the area's orphans. We also met up with the beautiful animals out in the wild during a very memorable safari.


These easy-to-maintain Hypoestes are joining the Frerichs plant family this year. Their colorful foliage adds a splash of color to your gardens, and they're not fussy--perfectly happy in shady areas. We'll be carrying pink and white varieties.




What do you call the most amazing basil you’ve ever seen? Amazel, of course. This is truly a game-changing plant—it is the first Italian sweet basil that is resistant to downy mildew, a disease that often plagues basil. And since it’s sterile, this large, vigorous plant produces a higher yield of usable, deliciously aromatic leaves. The more you harvest, the better it grows. It’s time to make the switch from your old basil to Amazel. You’ll never look back!.

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