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We know soils; mulches, topsoils, humus and manures can be confusing. Here’s a breakdown of what each is. At Frerichs we only sell soil and mulches pre-bagged.

Organic Choice Potting Soil - For those who prefer to grow organically, this is a perfect choice or vegetables and all garden plants. 

Miracle Gro Potting Soil - For use with container plants, this popular brand is available in many sizes. 

Miracle Gro Garden Soil - This is a medium weight soil that is for use in garden beds. 

Peat Moss - Peat moss is used to help with drainage. 

Topsoil, Humus and manure, and Dehydrated manure are used as soil improvements. 

Mulch - We offer 7 kinds of mulch in bags, including buckwheat and cocoa bean, for easy application. Mulch is used aesthetically, to keep weeds away, and to keep roots cool.

Fafard potting soil - This brand of potting soil is ideal for container plantings.  It’s light soil-less mix of peat, vermiculite and composted bark.  It drains very well and is not too heavy or dense and is what we use here at Frerichs.